Patroklos Kokkinos


He was born in the town of Lysi, in the province of Famagusta, in 1937.

Lysi is currently Turkish-occupied

He fell fighting near his village on February 10, 1957.

Patroklos Kokkinos graduated from Lysis primary school and was a builder. He joined EOKA in August 1955 and was assigned to the Lysis strike groups. He was wanted on August 10, 1956 and fled to the guerrillas. When the British placed Lysi under house arrest for his arrest, he broke through the line of soldiers with a car belonging to an English soldier, which was being repaired at a fellow mechanic. He even asked for the help of soldiers, who, not knowing him personally, helped him start it, to take it, as he told them, to its English owner. Later he secretly returned to his village with other wanted men and built a hideout in his father’s orchard where they stayed. From there they launched attacks against the enemy.

On the night of the ninth to the tenth of February 1957, they moved from their hiding place to the orchard of Panai Kaili, father of Michael Kaili , with whom they had taken refuge together with the guerrillas. For the following night they had planned an ambush against the English inside Lysi, at a point they had chosen. But during that day they were noticed by English soldiers, who surrounded them.

Patroklos informed his fellow competitors of his intention to aid in their escape. He jumped from the wall of the paddock and started running, placing himself in the crossfire of the English, firing at them with his shotgun and giving his life, to save his comrades. 

The phrase of Afxentiou, when he was informed of the way of his young villager’s death, remained proverbial:


The hero is mentioned on the Lysi heroes monument in Larnaca: