Nikolaos Yiagou

He was born in the village of Kato Zodeia, Nicosia province, in 1934.

(Kato Zodeia is currently Turkish-occupied)

On October 9, 1958, he was tortured to death and buried at the Lefkas police station.

Nikolaos Yiagou finished primary school in Zodieia and was a farmer. He was sworn in as a member of the EOKA shortly before April 1, 1955 and undertook the recruitment of other members in his village. He took part in various activities, such as the attack against the Koutrafa police station.

He was the team leader of Pano Zodeia and developed a rich activity. In his house he maintained a hideout in which he housed rebels, taking over both their protection and feeding, as well as their trafficking, knowing at all times where they were.

On October 5, 1958, there was a successful EOKA ambush in Kato Zodeia and Nikolaos knew where the group of rebels who carried out the attack had taken refuge. Two days after the ambush, he was captured and tortured to death, to reveal the whereabouts of the section leader and his group. He knew the group was in Nikitari after the ambush on Zodeia, but PREFFERED DEATH OVER BETRAYEL. He died in front of the eyes of fifteen-year-old student Antonis Papaevripides, who had also been arrested and tortured with him.

Antonis reports in this regard:
The beating by our torturers, who were two police officers, one English and one Turkish and several English soldiers, continued one on me, one on Nikolaos, outside Morphou towards the sea, near a trough of water, where they threw us, when we passed out. At two o’clock after midnight they put us in the same car, Nikolaos in the front and me in the back seat. At a bend in the road, Nikolis leaned against the door, which opened, leaving his body hanging crumpled, suffering, unable to make the slightest effort to hold on.”

Nikolaos Yiagou, according to the testimony of a police officer, died at the Lefkas police station where he had been taken, near which he was buried by the two police officers who had caused his death.

A monument was erected for the hero in his village next to the local church, yet it was destroyed by the Turkish invaders in 1974.

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