Stylianos Lenas

About Stylianos Lenas

He was born in the village of Chandria, in the province of Limassol, in 1932. He died on March 28, 1957 in the English hospital of Akrotiri, where he was transported wounded, after a battle. Stylianos Lenas attended the primary school of Chandria and worked as a blacksmith in Nicosia.

He took the oath of EMAK among the first five fighters, in 1954. He was an executive of OHEN. He was distinguished for his deep Christian faith, courage and ingenuity. On April 1, 1955, as one of the top five Nicosia team leaders, he struck the Gusley Barracks barracks in Nicosia at the head of his team. After June 19, 1955, when Digenis  gave the order to repeat the action, he took part in an attempt against the English governor Armitage, in which the hero Markos Drakos  also took part.

In August 1955 he took refuge in Lysis, where he undertook, on the orders of Digenis , the training of reserve teams of saboteurs in the Famagusta sector. He then took refuge in the area of ​​Pentadaktylos, joined Grigoris Afxentiou  and took part in many operations against the British. With the assignment of the Pitsilias sector to Grigoris Afxentiou, in November 1955, Lenas followed him, taking over, as one of his sub-heads, the area of ​​southern Pitsilia.

Birth place of stylianos Lenas

In August 1956, based on a strategic plan by Digenis, the Grigoris Afxentiou  sector was divided into four sub-sectors. Lenas became the head of the team from Agios Theodoros to Agios Mama, where he stood out for his courageous and successful attacks against the enemy and the construction of grenades and explosive devices. The construction and refinement of the MK2 grenades was his own task. His ambushes and attacks were so frequent that the British troops moved in his area, always taking Greek hostages as human shields. Digenis  even advised him to limit his action.

After the betrayals in Pitsilia, in January 1957, Lenas led his seven-member guerrilla group to a safe haven in the mountainous area of ​​Gerasa. He then returned to his field with one of his guerrillas and arranged for the transfer of all his weapons to new crypts. He then again launched attacks against the English. On February 17, 1957, he was ambushed by British soldiers outside his hideout and wounded in the ensuing battle. He was arrested with serious injuries and taken to the English hospital in Akrotiri, where he died in 40 days. He was buried in the Central Prison of Nicosia by the British for fear of popular events.


Bust of Stylianos Lenas located at nationalist union premises, Limassol.