Prodromos Xenophontos

About Prodromos Xenophon

He was born in the village of Agridaki, in the province of Kyrenia, in 1941. Today in the Turkish-occupied area. He was tortured to death by British investigators at Zefyros Detention Center in Kyrenia Province on November 12, 1958.

Prodromos Xenophontos finished the primary school of his village and was an excellent student. His father’s financial difficulties did not allow him to continue his studies and he worked as a foundry. He was adventurous, adventurous and loved hunting and sports.

He took the oath of office of EOKA in August 1957, at the age of only sixteen, following his own great perseverance and worked in the struggle alongside his brothers. His first missions were handing out leaflets, talking on the megaphone, and monitoring various movements, mainly of soldiers.

He was also very active in founding patriotic unions in his village, to which Kyriakos Matsis, head of the region, paid special attention. Prodromos was a member of the committees of the religious association and the new guild of his village.




He was born in Agridaki in the province of Kyrenia

Birth Place

When his older brother Zacharias, who was the feeder of Matsis’s guerrilla groups in Kyparissovouno, was arrested, Prodromos took over the supply. On November 7, 1958, he transported food to the guerrillas with a competitor.

The English had information about his mission as well as evidence, when they discovered the traces of his shoes near the tree, where they found the food and arrested him. He was subjected to an exhaustive interrogation. His refusal to reveal anything was followed by horrific torture to death.

When he was handed over to his own dead, four days later, his skull was broken by the iron wreath, which the British used in torture. His fingernails were also all pulled out. The seventeen-year-old hero is today named after one of the National Guard camps in Limassol.