About Iakovos Patatsos

He was born in Nicosia on July 1, 1934.

He was hanged by the British in Nicosia Central Prison on August 9, 1956. Iakovos Patatsos graduated from the elementary school "Elenio" in Nicosia and was a graduate of the Samuel School. He worked as a clerk at the Paraskevaidis House. He was a member of OXEN and joined the Struggle before 1955.

At the beginning of the struggle he was classified in bomb-throwing teams and later in the Nicosia executive. However, because of his religious beliefs, he was concerned about taking part in executions. His action in the struggle was synonymous with religion and he did whatever he did, because he believed that freedom was also a gift from God.

In January 1956 he collaborated with Stavros Stylianidis (link) and other EOKA officials in the construction and placement of a bomb on March 20, 1956 on Governor Harding's bed. On April 23, 1956, he and his rival Georgios Palaiologos (link) undertook the execution of a traitor police officer, against whom a previously unsuccessful attempt was made.


He was born in Nicosia & He was hanged by the British in Nicosia Central Prison

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The attack took place outside the main police station of Seragio, Nicosia. The attempt failed and Iakovos, who fell from his bicycle, was targeted by a Turkish special gendarme. A second Turkish policeman, Nihat Vassif, abducted Iakovos, at which point Palaiologos shot Nihat dead and released him. But then the crowd of Turkish Cypriots who came stopped him and arrested him.

Paleologos resorted to the guerrillas and Patatsos was accused of executing Nihat and was led to the gallows. During his short stay in the cells of the future, he stimulated the other convicts with his religious faith, creating an atmosphere of contemplation and spiritual uplift. His deep religiosity is reflected in his last letter to his mother in which he wrote:

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