Grigoris Afxentiou

About Afxentiou

Born in 1928 on the 22nd of february in the city of Lysi (today in the occupied part of Famagusta) He fell on the 3rd of march 1957 in the area of the holy monastery of Machairas in the a battle against the occupier. Contrary to most of the EOKA fighters, Afxentiou had military experience as he studied at the reserve officers school of Greece and served in the Greek army afterwards.

After his return to Cyprus in 1953 he became very active on the social and national field. In the beginning of january 1955, general Grivas didn't ask Afxentiou to make the general oath but he accepted his words on his military honour. Afxentiou became the first head of EOKA in the Famagusta area and organized many attacks against the occupier.


The desperate occupier put a big amount on the head of Afxentiou so he took refuge in the mountains. On december 1955 he managed to confuse 2 groups of British soldiers so they started fighting eachother ... Afxentiou operated under the pseudonyms Zidros, Aias, Aris, Rigas, Zotos and Antaios. On the third of march 1957, the occupier managed to surround Afxentiou his hideout near Machaira after he was betrayed.

After hours of battle, being outnumbered and outgunned, Afxentiou ordered his companions to leave the cave. His plan was to hold the battle till nightfall and to escape from the siege on the cave.The British realized what his aim was and they set fire on the hideout, burning Afxentiou alive. Out of fear of rallies and anger of the Greek people, Afxentiou was buried in the central prison in Nicosia in the Imprisoned Graves.

Resting place of Gregoris Afxentiou

Grigoris Afxentiou's hideout

Art by Gigas and P. Kouvari

~His main statue and museum are located at the Machairas Monastery~

Video about Grigoris Afxentiou

Many main roads in Cyprus are called after the immortal hero Gregoris Afxentiou

~Klirou village (Cyprus)~

Klirou village

village parade:


village monument: 


the main local bar:


Klirou football club

The Stavraetos Klirou football team is dedicated to the hero Grigoris Afxentiou because his sacrifice is an example to be imitated for all of us. His sacrifice shows us all the greatness of his soul that he had and that nothing frightened him, on the contrary all he had in mind was the freedom of his homeland and its union with mother Greece and let that cost him his life.

This in combination with the fact that there is nothing else dedicated to the face of the hero in our community and the fact that the place of sacrifice of the hero Macheiras is close to our community, are the main reasons we dedicated the name of our team to the hero.

Our team, as you understand, does not just deal with football, it also participates in events of national content since the team is dedicated to the memory of the hero Grigoris Afxentiou but also social content helping our community in any way possible. Our team is not just a team but its members are a family with strong foundations and will continue to fight for the best.