About George Christoforou


He was born in the village of Emba, Paphos province, on November 30, 1940.  He was killed by English torture on November 20, 1958. Georgios Christoforou finished primary school in Emba and attended the first grades of Paphos High School.

When he was born, his father served in the Cypriot Volunteer Corps of the British Army in World War II, which, according to British declarations, fought for the freedom and self-determination of peoples. These declarations were deliberately left to be interpreted as commitments for the freedom of Cyprus. Financial reasons forced him to stop his studies, so he followed the profession of tailor.

He was born in the village of Emba, Paphos province, on November 30, 1940.

Birth Place

He became a member of EOKA in Emba, in 1957. The village leader entrusted him with the ammunition and armament of the group, which George hid. In November 1958, during a nine-day house arrest imposed on Emba, mass arrests were made in the village. One of his associates bowed to the torture and revealed him.

In the meantime, Christoforou managed to transport and hide the weapons elsewhere, before being arrested and tortured to death. The death interrogation said about the causes of his death: “Georgios Christoforou died from wounds, while he was in legal custody.

The wounds of the mesenteric membrane, which holds the intestines, and the hepatic flexor were caused by a blow, which is due to either a fall or other form of violence, but there is no evidence to show where and how he suffered these injuries”. Before his funeral, on the night after his death, a fight broke out between his father, who insisted on seeing his dead body, and the English soldiers who forbade him.

A house arrest was then imposed in the village and the soldiers allowed only four people to bury the hero, along with his father, forbidding him to unroll him from the blankets with which he had been wrapped and to bury him, according to traditions of our religion.