Dimitrakis Dimitriadis

About Dimitrakis Dimitriadis

  • youngest Greek martyr
  • The little hero (quote from general Grivas)
  • Born in Larnaka in 1949
  • Killed by the British on 14 March 1956 during a demonstration in Larnaca


He was just 7 years old and was in the second grade of primary school. During the students protest, the occupier used violence to oppress and discourage. To protect themselves the children went hiding in a church. The soldiers were chasing the children and they answered by throwing stones. One of the soldiers decided to end the life of the little hero and he shot Dimitriadis in the head and made him immortal. A statue in his honor was build in the Kalogera elementary school in Larnaka.

The street where the little hero was killed was named after him.

Update december 2021:


A meeting with the brother of the little hero of EOKA Dimitraki Dimitriadis was held in Larnaca by the Presidency Commissioner Fotis Fotiou.


The meeting was attended by other members of the Dimitriadis family. During the meeting, the Commissioner of the Presidency informed the family that the scientific procedures have been completed and as a result, the bones of the little hero Dimitrakis Dimitriadis have been identified. The bones that belonged to a small child were found on 30.10.21, in a multiple burial site in the cemetery of Agios Georgios Kontos.

The Commissioner informed the family that the identified bones of their relative are in the anthropological laboratory of the Republic of Cyprus in Engomi, where the family can receive detailed information from the scientists who took part in the procedures and will have the opportunity for the first time, after so many decades to see the bones of little Dimitrakis.

The Commissioner assured the family once again that the state and he will make every effort to recognize and honor the hero's sacrifice and to create his own burial place where his memory will be honored as well as the request of the family. .

Cyprus: The bones of the little hero of EOKA D. Dimitriadis have been identified | ATHENS 9,84 (athina984.gr)

update march 2022


source: https://cyprus-mail.com/2022/03/12/seven-year-old-demetrakis-eokas-youngest-hero-laid-to-rest/


A church service was held on Saturday 12/03/2022 for the state reburial of Demetrakis Demetriades, who was shot and killed when he was just seven years old by a British officer while taking part in an Eoka protest in 1956.


The service, led by Kition bishop Nektarios, took place in Ayios Lazaros church in Larnaca in the presence of Demetriades’ surviving family members, House president Annita Demetriou, Greek ambassador Ioannis Papameletiou, Larnaca mayor Andreas Vyras, Larnaca and Famagusta MPs, police representatives and representatives of the Eoka Fighters Association, among others.


Wreaths were laid at the boy’s grave, and presidential commissioner Photis Photiou, who was attending on behalf of President Nicos Anastasiades awarded Demetrakis’ brother Lakis Demetriades the national Medal of Honour for his brother’s sacrifice to the colonial struggle.

The burial took place in the Ayios Georgios Kontos cemetery in Larnaca, where the boy’s remains were identified in October as part of a mass grave following a written request to Photiou by his family, who did not know the exact location of his body.


The boy, dubbed “the youngest Eoka hero” by the organisation’s leader during the uprising against British colonial rule, was shot by an English officer during a student protest in the Ayios Lazaros area of the city on March 14, 1956. He was among a group of pupils throwing rocks at British officers.


At the service, Photiou explained that British officials tried to convince the boy’s father to bury the child under the cover of darkness to avoid further incidents, but he refused. “So, on March 15, 1956, a sea of sad and angry Larnaca residents said goodbye to Dimitrakis.”

images source: https://www.pio.gov.cy/en/press-releases-article.html?id=26576#flat


Dimitrakis Dimitriadis the youngest Greek martyr Statue at Kalogera Primary School