Charilaos Michail

About Michail Charilaos

He was born in the village of Galini, in the territory of Nicosia, on February 9, 1935.

Hanged in the Central Prison of Nicosia, on August 9, 1956.

Charilaos Michael completed the primary school of Galini and was designed by the Cyprus Mining Company. Joining the appearance of EOKA and serving with his brothers and his father. They had connections with the approachable appearance of Markos Drakos. He was an inseparable friend and close collaborator of Andreas Zakos  with the equipment he saved in the guerrilla on November 17, 1955, manning additionally in the page of Galini, vectors in the application of creating shelters and booty in the local life.

In one month, on December 15, 1955, he was joined by the appearance of Markos Drakos. for the ambush in Mersinaki, at the 38th supplement of the Nicosia-Kato Pyrgos guide, overnight. Internal exhibitions of the heroes of EOKA Charilaos Michael ,Andreas Zakos, Charalambos Mouskos (link) and Markos Drakos. , counting with different dialogues, with different confrontations with the equipment of the warlord Major Kumb of the book of the English language and the dean Morum.

He was born in the village of Galini, in the territory of Nicosia & Hanged in the Central Prison of Nicosia

Today the village is in the Turkish-occupied area


Charalambos Mouskos (link) was also killed. Andreas Zakos (link) was arrested with serious injuries. Charilaos Michael was arrested with him, who was required to listen to songs to his friend. So the two sentenced to death and executions with Iakovos Patatsos (link) on Thursday, August 9, 1956 The costume of Wednesday, August 8, a few hours before his execution, welcomed his mother and father in the central prisons of Nicosia with the song “Wake up my poor Ragia” and a choice say goodbye with the text talia:

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