About Andreas Zakos

He was born in the village of Linou, in the province of Nicosia, on November 12, 1931.

At a young age he moved with his family to Lefka. He was hanged on August 9, 1956 in Nicosia Central Prison. Andreas Zakos attended the elementary school of Lefkas and the Pancyprian High School of Nicosia and graduated from the Greek School of Solea.

As a child, he liked to compose lyrics, thus expressing the original musical feeling that distinguished him. He was a pure and enthusiastic ideologue. He philosophized life, saying that if it is to offer one’s life for one’s beliefs, it is worth doing it while one is young.



He was born in the village of Linou & hanged in Nicosia Central Prison.

Birth Place


He worked as a designer at the Cyprus Mining Company. He fought hard for workers’ rights and succeeded, through his efforts, in coordinating the activities of the patriotic unions of the surrounding villages for national action. Its national offering began immediately after 1950 with actions aimed at stimulating the national mindset of the people.

His older brother George was one of the nuclei of PEON, one of the pre-revolutionary actions of which was the sabotage of the power cables of the Electricity Authority, resulting in the blackout of Nicosia and the dissolution of the celebrations for the coronation of the Government in May 1953. George tried to keep away from the secrets of the Organization his fiery brother Andreas, who, however, joined EOKA at the beginning of the struggle and plowed the area of ​​Lefkas-Pyrgos, prepared hideouts and recruited men as members of EOKA .

In order to be able to offer his services unhindered in the struggle, Andreas resorted to a guerrilla group in the area of ​​Galini, where he engaged in target reconnaissance for future attacks and sabotage, according to the instructions of Chief Digenis. In the attack of December 15, 1955 in the location of Mersinaki, during which Charalambos Mouskos (link) fell, Andreas Zakos was arrested wounded along with Charilaos Michael (link), sentenced to death and hanged in the Central Prison of Nicosia together with Iakovos (link).


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