Gianni Stylianou

He was born in the village of Trikomo, in the province of Famagusta, on May 3, 1929.

Trikomo is currently Turkish-occupied

He was killed on October 24, 1958 in his village, by a mine explosion.

Gianni Stylianou was a graduate of Trikomos primary school and worked as a builder. He took the lead in establishing the SEK and “Neos Aeon” Trikomou clubs.

He joined EOKA in 1956 in the Trikomos strike groups and went through almost all the departments of the Organization, cooperating with the rebels of his area. He helped make bombs and weapons. He took part in ambushes against the enemy and for a long time did not go to work, because the responsibilities he had assumed in the organization did not leave him time.

On October 24, 1958, together with his fellow competitor Nikos Karantonis and others, they planted a pressure mine on the road between the Trikomos police station and the auxiliary police station, which was located in the Trikomos Precincts, targeting the military car transporting English policemen from one station to the other.

After the mine was placed and, while everyone was leaving and were at some distance, Gianni saw a large stone and placed it at a point on the road, so that it blocked the military car and forced it to pass over the mine. In his attempt, however, he stepped on the mine, which exploded, causing his death instantly and critically wounding his competitor Nikos Karantonis, who at that moment was throwing pepper to neutralize the scent of any detection dogs that the English used to use in their investigations , after attacks and was reaching out to stop him because he realized he was about to step on a mine.