Georgios Georgiou


Born in Lysi, Famagusta province, on October 26, 1938.

Lysi is currently Turkish-occupied

Killed by British soldiers in the orchards of Lysi on August 2, 1958.

Georgios Georgiou graduated from Lysis primary school and worked as a bricklayer. He joined the EOKA in March 1956 and was involved in printing and distributing leaflets, feeding and hiding insurgents, handling mail, selecting sites and preparing the area for attacks against British soldiers.

On August 1, 1958, Georgios Georgiou with his fellow fighter Andreas Panagidis and other members of their group, accompanied the wanted Iagos Panagidis, to join the rest of the rebels and other fighters of Lysis and take part in an attack against the British near Lysis. In the ambush they set up, three military cars full of soldiers were hit with automatics, shotguns and grenades, resulting in the death of two soldiers and the wounding of many others.

The next day the British imposed a fortnight’s house arrest on Lysi and began investigations. During the restriction, the fighters Georgios Georgiou , Anastasios Souroullas and Christofis Panagidis broke through the village cordon and headed towards the village of Tremetousia. In their movement, they were spotted by a helicopter, which strengthened the British investigations. After they were located, according to the testimony of a shepherd who was watching, a Turkish sergeant of the Athienou police station in charge of Auxiliaries and Turkish citizens from the village of Arsos, set up an ambush and killed them, assisted by the English.

From the autopsy performed at the Nicosia General Hospital, it was found that they were hit in the head with bullets from automatic weapons and stabbed in the abdomen and other parts of the body.

The hero was mentioned on the Lysi EOKA heroes monument in Larnaca: