1 Female: 

Papageorgiou (Laoutari) Loukia | Foundation of the Liberation Struggle E.O.K.A. 1955 – 1959 (eoka.org.cy)

2 Born in Arab countries: 

Nikolas Ioannou (Jordan): http://www.eoka.org.cy/?page_id=731 

Nikos Theofanous (Caïro, Egypt)http://www.eoka.org.cy/?page_id=727 


Killed outside of Cyprus:  

Nikolas Ioannou Ιωάννου Νικόλας | Ίδρυμα Απελευθερωτικού Αγώνα Ε.Ο.Κ.Α 1955 – 1959 (eoka.org.cy)

He was killed on July 17, 1958 in Punbury, England, probably by Scotland Yard.

Highest number From a village: 8 from Lysi 

Grigoris Afxentiou 

Jonah Georgiou Georgios

Anastasios Souroullas

Kallis Sakka

Christofis Panagidis

Patrokla Kokkina

Sialos Fur

Dimitrakis Anastasis


2 brothers: George and Andreas Karyos

EOKA members of OXEN

OXEN = Orthodox Christian Union(society) of Youth


more information about the location: https://www.nicosia.org.cy/en-GB/discover/squares/faneromeni/

This panel can be found next to the mausoleum of the martyrs of the 1821 revolution 


On the panel there is written

Members of OXEN Nicosia

fallen during the

freedom struggle

of EOKA 1955-1959 


Iakovos Patatsos

Hanged 9th August 1958.

He was blamed for shooting at a policeman.

22yrs old from Nicosia

Petros Iliadis 

Was shot and passed away on 15th of June 1956

24yrs old from Agros

Michael Georgallas 

fallen in fight 31st December 1958 at Zoopigi

21yrs old from Marathovounos 

Markos Drakos

fallen in fight 18th January 1957 in Evrychou. 

22yrs old from Lefka

Nikos Georgiou 

passed away 25/1/57 after torture in the prison of Platres 

35yrsold from Palaichori 

Stylianos Lenas 

passed away 29/3/57 after he was critically wounded in Pelendri

25yrs old from Chandria 

Panagiotis Georgiadis 

Killed in Kourdali 20/6/58 after his bomb exploded . 

30yrs old from Livadia Pitsilia