Christofis Panagidis

He was born in the town of Lysi, in the province of Famagusta, in 1939

He was killed on August 2, 1958 in the orchards of his village, in an ambush set up by the Turks.

Christofis Panagidis graduated from Lysis primary school and was initially an oil painter and later a farmer. His family’s contribution to the fight was significant. A large number of rebels were hosted in his sister’s house. He offered a variety of services, such as printing and distributing pamphlets, feeding the rebels in the area, and preparing positions for attacks against the English.

On August 1, 1958, Christofis Panagidis with his fellow fighter Georgios Chatziionas and other members of their group accompanied his wanted brother Iago Panagidis, to join the rest of the rebels and other fighters of Lysis and take part in an attack against the British. In this attack, which took place near Lysi, three military cars were seen, full of soldiers, with automatic weapons, shotguns and grenades. Two English soldiers were killed and many were wounded.

The next day the British imposed a fortnight’s house arrest on the village and began thorough investigations. During the confinement, three militants, Christofis Panagidis, Georgios Hatziionas and Anastasis Souroullas, broke through the village cordon to avoid arrest and headed towards the village of Tremetousia. On their way, they were spotted by an English helicopter that was taking part in the investigations.

According to the testimony of a shepherd who was watching, the Turkish sergeant of the Athienou police station, head of Auxiliaries, arrived together with Turks from the village of Arsos, they were ambushed and killed.

From the autopsy performed at the Nicosia General Hospital, it was found that the three young men were hit in the head with bullets from automatic weapons and with a spear in the abdomen and other parts of the body.