E.O.K.A. Website

Dear (Greek) friends

Cyprus is known for its touristical potential, yet the international audience is not aware of its rich but at the same time tragic history. Situated at the gates of the Holy Lands and the silk route, the (geo)strategical position of the island made it a wanted but also cursed piece of gold.

The local people didn’t want anything else but freedom and to be reunited with mother Greece. Thousands of Greek-Cypriots were tortured and killed just because of this struggle and desire to be united with their homeland. The anti-colonial campaign of 1955-1959 of the EOKA organisation is one of the main and most recent episodes of this struggle. Thousands of civilian Greeks took up (selfmade) arms against the British occupier who was one of the victors of WW2 and had one of the strongest armies of this planet.

What our heroes achieved was more than miracles. During the centuries Greeks from Cyprus understood that freedom would never be for free. Many empires and conquerers occupied the island but they never turned the Greeks into slaves and they never will. Whatever the price will be ..

Dear friends, the more time passes, the more people worldwide realize and learn about the sacrifice and the history of the eternal heroes of EOKA. The latest generation of eye witnesses is passing away and their stories need to be saved for our children! 

With our crew we want to do our part of the work! This website will be dedicated to all the known and less known heroes who sacrificed their blood to wash away the occupiers terror. 

Feel free to contact us by eokaheroes at gmail.com if you have any question, remark, addition.

Enosis and freedom!